Dr. Yodida Bhutia

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Dr. Yodida Bhutia

   Dr. Yodida Bhutia

   Designation: Professor

   Date of joining: 01.09.2017

   Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Academic record & distinction 

BSc (NBU), M.Ed (Mangalore University), MA English Literature (MKU), MA Education (IGNOU), PhD Education (North Eastern Hill University), Post Doctorate (University of the Aegean, Greece). Post Doctoral Scholarship Awarded by the IKY, Ministry of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs, Hellenic Republic of Greece.

Areas of Specialization

Mental Health Education, Environmental Education, Educational Psychology, Higher Education

Latest Publications

1. Bhutia, Yodida & Liarakou, Georgia. (2018). Gender and nature in the matrilineal society of Meghalaya, India: Searching for ecofeminist perspectives. The Journal of Environmental Education. 1-8. doi.org/10.1080/00958964.2017.1407283.

2. Bhutia, Y. (Editor) (2016). Mental Health Education. New Delhi: Oversees Press India Pvt Ltd., Ansari Road, Daryaganj. ISBN 93-8383-23-1.

3. Bhutia, Y. (2016). Development of Education System in India. New Delhi: Lakshi Publishers, Ansari Road, Daryaganj. ISBN 978-93-82120.

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