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nishchal wanjar

  Dr. Nishchal Wanjari
  Designation: Associate Professor
  Date of Joining: April 2012
  Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Academic record & distinction

MSc (Applied Geology) Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad

PhD (Geology) University of Delhi, New Delhi

PhD Topic: “Geochemistry of Amgaon Gneissic Complex, Central India”

Areas of Specialization

Geochemistry, Petrology, Mineralogy


Latest Publications

  1. Mansoor Ahmad and Nishchal Wanjari (2009)Volcano-sedimentary sequence in the Munger-Rajgir metasedimentary belt, Gaya district Bihar’, Indian Journal of Geosciences, 63: 351-360.
  2. Nishchal Wanjari, Deepanker Asthana, and V. Divakara Rao (2005)‘Remnants of Early Continental Crust in the Amgaon Gneisses, Central India:Geochemical Evidence’, Gondwana Research 8(4): 589-595.

    Srivastava, Tanya; Joshi, Kumar Batuk; Wanjari, Nishchal; Boron isotopic composition of pegmatitic tourmaline from Yumthang valley, North Sikkim, India Geochemical Treasures and Petrogenetic Processes 187-206 2022 Springer Nature Singapore Singapore

    Srivastava, Tanya; Harris, Nigel; Mottram, Catherine; Joshi, Kumar Batuk; Wanjari, Nishchal; From source to emplacement: The origin of leucogranites from the Sikkim-Darjeeling Himalayas, India Geoscience Frontiers 15 1 101733 2024 Elsevier

    Dutta, Kuldeep; Wanjari, Nishchal; Misra, Anil Kumar; Stability analysis of road cut slopes in Sikkim Himalaya along national highway 10, India Geology, Ecology, and Landscapes 1-14 2023 Taylor & Francis

    Zimik, Horthing V; Misra, Anil Kumar; Ranjan, Rakesh Kr; Wanjari, Nishchal; Basnett, Smriti; Roy, Goshaidas; Rai, Anirudra; Sharma, Khushboo; Keshare, Manish Kumar; Dolui, Swapan; Evaluation of heavy metal and microbial contamination in various water resources of West and North Sikkim, India Environment, Development and Sustainability 1-26 2023 Springer Netherlands Dordrecht

    Srivastava, Tanya; Wanjari, Nishchal; Boron Isotopic Systematics and Its Significance in Natural Processes: An Overview Nature Environment and Pollution Technology 22 2 623-637 2023 Technoscience Publications

    Kumar, Pramod; Sharma, Khushboo; Malu, Ankita; Rajak, Rajeev; Gupta, Aparna; Baruah, Bidyutjyoti; Yadav, Shailesh Kumar; Angchuck, Thupstan; Sharma, Jayant; Ranjan, Rakesh Kumar; Anil Kumar Misra, Nishchal Wanjari Measurement report: Intra-annual Variability of Black/Brown Carbon and Its Interrelation with Meteorological Conditions over Gangtok, Sikkim EGUsphere 2023 1-24 2023 Copernicus Publications Göttingen, Germany

    Dubey, Swatantra Kumar; Ranjan, Rakesh Kumar; Misra, Anil Kumar; Wanjari, Nishchal; Vishwakarma, Santosh; Variability of precipitation extremes and drought intensity over the Sikkim State, India, during 1950–2018 Theoretical and Applied Climatology 1-14 2022 Springer Vienna

    Zimik, Horthing V; Angchuk, Thupstan; Misra, Anil Kumar; Ranjan, Rakesh Kr; Wanjari, Nishchal; Basnett, Smriti; GIS-based identification of potential watershed recharge zones using analytic hierarchy process in Sikkim Himalayan region Applied Water Science 12 11 248 2022 Springer International Publishing Cham

    Misra, Anil Kumar; Ranjan, Rakesh Kumar; Wanjari, Nishchal; Dolui, Swapan; Keshare, Manish Kumar; Baruah, Bidyutjyoti; Zimik, Horthing V; Angchuk, Thupstan; Determining fractures and their orientation for preventing in-situ seepage of water in the Poison Lake, Sikkim, India Journal of Taibah University for Science 16 1 1225-1240 2022 Taylor & Francis

    Chauhan, H; Wanjari, N; Pandey, AC; Ahmad, T; Geochemistry, Petrogenesis and Tectonic Setting of the Mafic Dykes from the Amgaon and Khairagarh Regions, Bastar Craton, Central Indian Shield: Constraints on the Precambrian Crustal Evolution. J Atmos Earth Sci 6: 030 of 13 32-37 2022

    Dutta, Kuldeep; Wanjari, Nishchal; Misra, Anil Kumar; Study of qualitative stability analysis and rainfall thresholds for possible landslide occurrence: a case study of Sikkim Himalaya Journal of Taibah University for Science 15 1 407-422 2021 Taylor & Francis

    Yadav, Bhupendra S; Wanjari, Nishchal; Ahmad, Talat; Chaturvedi, Rajesh; Geochemistry and petrogenesis of Proterozoic granitic rocks from northern margin of the Chotanagpur Gneissic Complex (CGC) Journal of Earth System Science 125 1041-1060 2016 Springer India

    Ahmad, Mansoor; Wanjari, Nishchal; Volcano-Sedimentary Sequence in the Munger-Rajgir Metasedimentary Belt, Gaya Distric, Bihar 2009

    Alam, Meraj; Naushad, Md; Wanjari, Nishchal; Ahmad, Talat; Geochemical characterizations of mafic magmatic rocks of the central Indian shield: Implication for Precambrian Crustral evolution 2009

    Аhmad, T; Kaulina, TV; Wanjari, N; Mishra, MK; Nitkina, EA; Precambrian magmatic rocks form the Central Indian tectonic zone: Geochemical and isotopic constraints Труды Ферсмановской научной сессии ГИ КНЦ РАН 6 203-207 2009 Федеральное государственное бюджетное учреждение науки Геологический …

    Wanjari, N; Ahmad, T; Geochemistry of granitoids and associated mafic enclaves in Kalpathri area of Amgaon Gneissic Complex, central India 2007

    Wanjari, Nishchal; Asthana, Deepanker; Rao, V Divakara; Remnants of early continental crust in the Amgaon gneisses, central India: Geochemical evidence Gondwana Research 8 4 589-595 2005 Elsevier

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