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Dr. K.R. Rama Mohan

Date of Joining: 05/05/2014
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Academic record & distinction

MA (Anthropology) University of Hyderabad
MA (Psychology) Annamalai University
PhD (Anthropology) Andhra University
UGC-NET in Anthropology
PhD Topic: “Problems and Perspectives of Primary Education in Tribal areas of Visakhapatnam district”

Areas of Specialization  

Social-Cultural Anthropology

latest Publications

  1. Pukkaalla, D. and Rama Mohan, K.R. (2020) Local Knowledge and Marine Livelihoods among the South Indian Fishing Community. Journal of Asian and African Studies, 56(3):549-557
  2. Gazmer SP, Bandhopadhya S and Rama Mohan K.R (2020) Covid19 Pandemic and Music Listening: A Case Study in Sikkim Himalayas. Journal of Social Sciences, 48(3): 1751-65
  3. K.R.Rama Mohan (2019) A Discourse on Future Arthroscopes in India. North Bengal Anthropologist, Vol 7,1-6

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