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  Dr. Bhoj Kumar Acharya
  Date of Joining:
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Academic record & distinction

MSc (Zoology) North Bengal University
PhD (Biodiversity & Ecology) Salim Ali Center for Ornithology and Natural History affiliated to Bharathiar University
PhD Topic: “Bird Communities and their Distribution Pattern along the Elevation Gradient of Teesta Valley, Sikkim”

Areas of Specialization

Biodiversity & Ecology 

Latest Publications

  1. Sharma, K., Acharya, B.K., Sharma, G., Valente, D., Pasimeni, M.R, Petrosillo, I. and Selvan, T. (2020) Land use effect on butterfly alpha and beta diversity in the Eastern Himalaya, India. Ecological Indicators 110: 105605.
  2. Chettri, B. and Acharya, B.K. (2020) Distribution of amphibians along an elevation gradient in the Eastern Himalaya, India. Basic and Applied Ecology 47:57-70.
  3. Dhakal, P., Chettri, B., Lepcha, S. and Acharya, B.K. (2020) Rich yet undocumented ethnozoological practices of socio-culturally diverse indigenous communities of Sikkim Himalaya, India. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 249: 112386.
  4. Dewan, S., Darnal, N., Acharya, B.K., Subramanian, K.A., Chettri, B. and Jins, V.J. (2019) Effectiveness of organic terrace rice cultivation in conservation of odonates in Sikkim, Eastern Himalaya, India. International Journal of Odonatology 22: 207-222.
  5. Thakuri, B., Acharya, B.K. and Sharma, G. (2019) Population density and damage of invasive Giant African Snail Achatina fulica in organic farm in East Sikkim, India. Indian Journal of Ecology 46: 631-635.
  6. Dewan, S., Chettri, I.K., Sharma, K. and Acharya, B.K. (2019) Kitam Bird Sanctuary, the only low elevation protected area of Sikkim: A conservation hotspot for butterflies in the Eastern Himalaya. Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology 22: 575–583.
  7. Dewan, S., Acharya, B.K. and Ghatani, S. (2018) A new record of the lesser-known butterfly Small Woodbrown Lethe nicetella de Nicéville, 1887 (Lepidop-tera: Nymphalidae: Satyrinae) from Khangchendzonga National Park, Sikkim, India. Journal of Threatened Taxa 10: 11775-11779.
  8. Acharya, B.K. and Vijayan, L. (2017) Vertical stratification of birds in different vegetation types along the elevation gradient in the Eastern Himalaya, India. Ornithological Science 16:131-140.
  9. Acharya, B.K. and Vijayan, L. (2015) Butterfly diversity along the elevation gradient of Eastern Himalaya, India. Ecological Research 30:909-919.

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