Dr. Shalini Shukla

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Dr_Shalini_Shukla.jpg   Dr. Shalini Shukla
   Designation:Assistant Professor
   Date of Joining: 02/02/2021
   Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Academic record & distinction
• MBA (Human Resource & International Business) UP Technical University.
• M.Sc. (Food and Nutrition) University of Lucknow.
• Ph.D. (UGC-JRF/SRF) University of Lucknow.
• Ph.D. Topic: Alignment of HR Policies and Practices with Business Strategies: A Study on Select MNC’s in India.

• UGC-NET/JRF in Human Resource Management.
• UGC-NET in Management.
• UGC-NET in Home-Science.

Areas of Specialization
• Human Resource Management, International Business and Strategic Management

Latest Publication

 Journal Publications-

• Shukla, S. And Kumar, R. (2020). Researchers Intention to use Statistical Software: Examine the Role of Statistical Anxiety, Self Efficacy and Enjoyment. International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction (ISSN: 1548-3908).

• Kumar, R. and Shukla, S. (2019). Creativity, Proactive Personality and Entrepreneurial Intention: Examining the role of Entrepreneurial Self Efficacy. Global Business Review, 22 (5). (ISSN: 0972-1509).

• Shukla, S. And Kumar, R. (2019). Role of Trust in adoption of Online Goods and Service filing in India. Vikalpa: The Journal of Decision Makers (ISSN: 02560909).

• Shukla, S. and Singh, R. (2018). GST in India: Performance of Companies after One Year of Roll Out. Indian Journal of Finance, 12 (11), 37-48. (ISSN: 0973-8711)

• Shukla, S. (2017). Analysing the HRM Inclusion/ Disclosure in Annual Reports. A context Based Approach. Journal of Management Research (IUP Publications), 16 (2). (ISSN: 0972-5342)

• Shukla, S. (2016). Performance of Indian Banking Industry: A Comparative Study of Public and Private Sector Banks. Indian Journal of Finance, 10 (1), 69-81. (ISSN: 0973-8711)

• Sharma, J., K. & Shukla, S. (2015). Strategic HR Orientation of Companies in India: A Content Analysis Approach. Prabandhan: Indian Journal of Management, 8 (7). (ISSN:0975-2854)

• Shukla, S.&Tripathi, S. (2015), Prevalence of Mis/ conception in Research Methodology: A Survey of Management Research Scholar. Review of Professional Management, 13 (2). (ISSN: 0972-8686)

• Shukla, S. (2015). Performance of Domestic and Foreign Banks in India: A Comparative Study. MMU Journal of Management Practices. 9 (1). (ISSN: 0974-7252)

• Shukla, S. (2015). Environmental Sustainability Reporting in India. Journal of Global Business Vision, 1(2). (ISSN: 2394-0700)

• Shukla, S. (2015). Strategic HR Imperative for Indian Public Sector Banks. Journal of General Management, 3 (2). (ISSN: 2348-2869)

• Shukla, S. (2015). Performance of Domestic and Foreign Companies in India: A Comparative Study. ASBM Journal of Management, 8 (2). (ISSN: 0974-8512)

• Shukla, S. &Tripathi, S.K. (2015). Alignment of HR Policies and Practices with Business Strategy: A Case of ABC Ispat and Energy Limited. Synergy, 13(1). (ISSN: 0972-7361)

• Shukla, S. (2014). Emerging Issues and Challenges for HRM in Public Sector Banks of India. Procedia- Social and Behavioural Sciences (Elsevier Journal- Science Direct), 133. (ISSN: 1877-0428)

• Shukla, S. & Tripathi, S., K. (2014). Environmental Sustainability: A Comparative Study of Domestic and Foreign Companies. Amity Business Review, 15 (2). (ISSN: 0772-2343)

• Shukla, S. (2014). Annual Report: A Major Indicator of Firm Orientation towards Human Resource. Bharati Vidyapeeth Journal of Management Research, 6 (2). (ISSN: 0976-4739)

• Shukla, S. (2014). Employee Retention Policies of Public and Private Sector Banks in India: A Comparative Study. Integral Review: A Journal of Management, 7 (2). (ISSN: 09748032)

 Chapters/ Proceedings-

• Shukla, S. (2015). Content Analysis Approach to Understanding Strategic-HR Alignment. Conference Proceeding of Emerging Markets- A Global Approach. Symbiosis Centre of Management Studies, Delhi. (ISBN: 978-81-928678-1-6)

• Shukla, S. (2015). Employee Retention Strategies in Public Sector Banks in India: New Need and Remedy. Enhancing Human Capabilities: Big Challenge in Indian Perspective, Pacific University, Udaipur. (ISBN: 978-93-5174-686-7)

• Tripathi, S., &Shukla, S. (2015). Innovative financing Options for Infrastructural Projects in India. Innovation and Creativity Management: The Design for Future, Bharati Publications, Delhi. (ISBN: 978-93-85000-26-3)

• Shukla, S. (2019). Human Capital Information Disclosure in Annual Report: Analysing the Impact of Sector and Experience. Excel India Publishers, New Delhi.


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