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dr sohel firdos

  Prof. Sohel Firdos
  Designation: Professor
  Date of Joining: 26/07/2010
  E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Academic record & distinction

MSc (Geography) Aligarh Muslim University
MPhil, PhD (Geography) Jawaharlal Nehru University
PhD Topic: “Environmental Resources and the Tribal Economy: Case Studies of Ho, Santal and Birhor in Jharkhand”

Areas of Specialization

Socio-spatial exclusion, Interactions between Resources and Economy; Urban Governance

Latest Publications

  • Sharma, Chetraj and Sohel Firdos (2023). “Sustainable Agricultural Transformations in Sikkim, India with special reference to Organic Farming: A Geographical Perspective”, Indian Journal of Spatial Science, Special Issue 2024, 15 (A), pp. 81-88.
  • Dolma, N.T., Joshi, R. and Firdos, S. (2022). “Traditional Land -based Practices by the Communities in Sikkim and their Effectiveness for Soil and Water Conservation”. ENVIS Bulletin: Himalayan Ecology, 30: 60-63.
  • Komol Singha and Sohel Firdos (2021). “Structure and pattern of migration in north-east India: Some insights from two census data”, Artha Vijnana, 63(4): 375-397 (UGC Care List)
  • Firdos, Sohel. 2020. ‘Urbanisation in India's Northeastern region Connecting theory with empirical data’ in M. Amarjeet Singh and Singha Komol (eds.), Understanding Urbanisation in Northeast India. Routledge India.
  • Firdos, Sohel. 2017. ‘Locating Gender in Land Rights Discourse of Sikkim’, in Prem Chowdhry (ed.), Understanding Women’s Land Rights: Gender Discrimination. New Delhi: Sage Publications, pp. 325-343. ISBN: 978-93-864-4631-2 (HB).


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