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Dr Praveen Mishra  Prof. Anand Prakash Pathak

  Designation: Professor 

  Date of Joining: 01/02/2018

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Academic record & distinction 

M.Sc. - Allahabad University   I    1967     

Ph.D-Indian Institute of Technology,  Kanpur  1971

Referee for National and International Journals and  Examined  Ph.D.Theses, in India, Europe and   North America.

Fellow, The Institute of Physics (London):   F. Inst. P.,   C. Phys.

Fellow, National Academy of Sciences, India: F N A Sc

Fellow, Ion Beam Society of India: F IBSI

            Member, IOP (London) Fellowship Panel  and C Phys Panel  (Aug 2004  - todate)                 

Member, UGC Physics Panel (June 94 - 2002).

Member, International Committee, “Int.Conf. Atomic Collisions in Solids (ICACS)” AND “Int.Conf. Ion Beam Analysis (IBA)”; Also Founding IC member for conf series “Charged and Neutral Particle Channeling”   and for “ Radiation Effects in matter (REM)”. All these are biennial International conference series.

Chairman,   20th Int. Conf.  Atomic Collisions in Solids ( ICACS20)  PURI ( INDIA) Jan 2003                                    

 Director,Workshop on “Ion Beam Studies of NanoMaterials: Synthesis, Modification and Analysis" held at ICTP Trieste  Italy, June 2006

 Chairman,   18th  Int. Conf.  Ion Beam Analysis  (IBA 2007)  Hyderabad,  Sept 2007

 Associate Editor:  Radiation Effects  and Defects in Solids  ( Taylor and Francis  UK)        

 Member, Editorial Board (2003-2010) : Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics

 Research B :Beam Interactions with Materials  &Atoms   Elsevier Science Publishers 

 Member Editorial Board:  Physics Research International, Cogent-Physics, Int Journal of Applied Science                                               

 DST-INSPIRE programme resource person at numerous institutions in A P, Telangana and Maharashtra.  

Visitor’s Nominee and subject expert for faculty selection at several Central and State universities                                                                                                    

Guest Scientist (at foreign institutions)

  1. H.C. Orsted Institute, Copenhagen (Denmark) Summer 1979.
  2. CSIRO, Division of Chemical Physics, Clayton (Australia) May 1981- Feb. 1982.
  3. Max Planck Institut fur Metallforschung, Stuttgart (W. Germany).
  4. ICTP, Trieste (Italy)

    (i) Feb. - March 76      (ii) April - June 1984
    (iii) August 1985         (iv) April 1986
    (v) August 1991          (vi) July-August 1997
    (vii) Aug-Oct 1998      (viii) May 2001 and Aug 2001
    (ix) June –July 2004    (x) June-July 2006 (Directed a Workshop

  5. Universitat Freiburg, Germany March-July 1998 (Humboldt Fellow)
  6. ForschungZentrum   Rossendorf (Dresden) Germany Oct 2000;   May-June 2001;   May-Aug 2002;   May –July 2003 (Humboldt Fellow)
  7. Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Iztapalapa (Mexico City)Visiting ("Alonso Fernandez Gonzalez" Chair) Professor in Physics(Feb 2004 to Jan 2005 , one year Sabbatical Leave from Hyderabad)
  8. University of Padova (Italy)   April-May 2005 (Visiting Professor)
  9. Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Study (FIAS) Uni Frankfurt May-July 2006 (Humboldt Fellow), Nov-Dec 2007
  10. Institute for Nuclear Studies and Institute for Electronic Materials Technology Warsaw, Poland:Nov- Dec 2006, April 2007,Nov 2007,August 2008
  11. Spring MRS Meeting in SFO (9-13 April 2007) paper and session chair , Visit to MU Columbia for new collaborations on oxide materials.
  12. Spring MRS Meeting in SFO (13-17 April 2009) Session Chair, Talk and two papers,
  13. Visited NUS Singapore, 20-24 April 2009 for collaboration, in continuation to earlier visit in Nov-Dec 2008 and again in Feb 2011 to deliver invited talk during 4th ISJPS (India Singapore Joint Physics Symposium)
  14. Institute of Nanotechnology (KIT) Karlsruhe, Germany May-July 2010 (Humboldt Fellow )
  15. University of Saskatchewan (Canada) Jan 2012 ISTP- GITA(DST) workshop on Energy Materials
  16. Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Study (FIAS) Uni Frankfurt , Jan –March2014 (Humboldt Fellow)
  17. Hungarian Academy of Sciences Labs in Budapest and Debrecen 6-20 July 2014 (INSA-HAS Exchange)

Participated , presented papers ( Invited  and Contributed) and  Chaired Sessions  in International Conferences on  Atomic  Collisions in Solids, Ion Beam Analysis, Ion Beam Modifications of Materials in USA, Canada, Europe ,Japan and Australia  AND International  Accelerator Conference series(CAARI) in Denton and Fort Worth, USA. Delivered Lectures and  Chaired  Sessions  in  NATO  Advanced Research Workshops, Charged and Neutral Particle Channeling conference series and Radiation Effects in matter (REM) conference series. Visited  several  Research  Institutions and  delivered Colloquia in North America, Europe, Japan and Australia, in addition  to INDIA.

Research Interests :  Condensed  Matter  Physics, Atomic  Collisions  in Solids,

                                    Ion Solid Interactions, Ion Beam Studies of Nano-Materials.                                                      

  1. Channeling; quantum and wave mechanical properties.
  2. Energy losses and stopping powers; elastic and inelastic.
  3. Electron  correlations  and  related  properties   and   electronic  properties of point defects.
  4. Radiation damage; Effects of  point  defects  and  dislocations  on channeling and slowing down of particles.
  5. Channeling radiation, coherent bremsstrahlung and defect studies.
  6. Ion Beam Studies  of Strains/Defects/Damage in  semiconductor  Heterostructures / superlattices and  Nano-Materials:  Synthesis, Modification and Characterization  at nano-scale. Energy Bandgap Engineering

Total number of Publications = 288 : 201 (International Journals) + 65 (International and National Refereed Conference Proceedings) + 12 (Reviews) + 10 (Books, 2 +8)

Ph.D theses supervised: Completed 12 Continuing 1; M Phil theses Supervised 10

Latest Publications

1. Synthesis of Si/SiO2 nanoparticles using nanosecond laser ablation of silicate rich garnet in water (with R Rawat, VS Vendamani etal ) Optical Materials 75, 350 (2018)

2. Three-Dimensional Hybrid Silicon Nanostructures for Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy based Molecular Detection (with V S Vendamani etal) J App. Phys. (featured article) 123, 014301 (2018)

3. Ion Induced Crystallization and Grain Growth of Hafnium Oxide Nano-particles in Thin-films deposited by Radio Frequency Magnetron Sputtering (with M Dhanunjaya etal) J Phys D 50, 505301 (2017)

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