Dr. Swati Akshay Sachdeva


  Dr. Swati Akshay Sachdeva
  Date of Joining:
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Academic record & distinction

MA (Sociology) Rohailkhand University, Uttar Pradesh
PhD (Sociology) North Bengal University
Topic: “A Structural Analysis of Bhutia Society and Position of Bhutia Women In society of Sikkim”

Areas of Specialization

Gender Studies, Political Sociology, Eastern Himalayas


  1. Sachdeva,S.A. and Yumnam, S. (2019) Socio-Psycho Assessment of Suicide. Concept Publishing Company Pvt Ltd ISBN13-978-93 88937-63-4.
  2. Sachdeva, S.A. and Yumnam, S. (2021). Identity in Question: The Study of Tibetan Refugees in the Indian Himalayas. Vernon Publishing. ISBN No: 978-1622739127

Latest Publications

  1. Raj, S., Sachdeva,S.A., Jha,R.,Sharad,S., Singh, T., Arya, Y.K.&Verma , S.(2018) Effectiveness of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy on Life Satisfaction, Life Orientation and Family Functioning of Adolescents with Depression and Suicidal Behavior.Asian Journal of Psychiatry.39(2019) 58-62.
  2. Sachdeva, S. A. (2019)Not born a mother, but naturalised into one: Experiences of Motherhood, Reality and Challenges.Social Trend.Vol 6.Issue March.ISSN:2348-6538.89-98.
  3. Yumnam, S and Sachdeva,S. A.(2019)Comprehending Integration: A Study of Tibetan Refugees in Eastern Himalayas.Integrated Journal of Social Sciences,IJSS ISSN:2348-0874 5(2).19-29


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