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vimal khawas

  Dr. Vimal Khawas
  Designation: Assistant Professor
  Date of Joining: 29/05/2013
  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Academic record & distinction



PhD Topic: “Environmental Issues and Human Security in the Himalaya: A Comparative Study of Sikkim and Eastern Nepal”

Areas of Specialization

Environmental Studies, Development Studies, Urban and Regional Planning

Sample Publications

  1. Sakarama Somayaji and Vimal Khawas(2012) Environment, Development and Social Change in the Himalayan Region, New Delhi: Aakansha Publication.
  2. Khawas, Vimal, (2007) ‘Global Warming and Climate Change: Implications for Human Security of India’, Social Change, 37 (3): 92-119.
  3. Khawas, Vimal et al. (2005) ‘Conservation and Management of Water Resource in Sikkim Himalaya: some suggestions’, Spatio-Economic Development Record, 12 (4): 27-31.

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