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Mountaineering Expedition to Mount Brumkhangse, North Sikkim



Base Camp

Deputy Expedition Leader Dr. Namrata

Expedition Leader Dr.Jigmie Wanchuk Bhutia.jpg

Gearing up before the ascent.jpg

Heading for the Base Camp


Inching towards the Summit

Instructors during the Expedition

Limbering up before the summit attempt

Moment of Glory

Mount Brumkhangse Summit

Negotiating avalanche prone zone

Negotiating snow hazard

Pep talk by the Chief Instructor

Proud moment at the summit


Summiteers hold aloft the Indian tri-colour

Summiteers pose for a photo at the summit

Trekking towards the base of Mount Brumkhangse

Trekking towards the base of Mount Brumkhangse

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